Getting to know Plume HomePass: Adapt

Wifi that Adapts to You


Did you know that Plume HomePass delivers a full suite of tools to optimize and maximize device performance? That’s right, Plume provides you with a fully connected home WiFi experience. Built on superior self-optimizing WiFi technology, you have top of the range smart home personalization at your fingertips. All of the complicated aspects of managing a home network have been removed and simplified into one turnkey solution. 


Plume HomePass offers a variety of services including Adapt, a new level of dynamic response and signal steering. Beyond coverage, Adapt uses AI and machine learning to map WiFi channels and usage around your home, learning from your connection patterns to distribute WiFi perfectly, any time. This service is designed to unlock the potential of your smart home performance. 


Let’s take a look at the key benefits and features of Plume HomePass: Adapt.


Key Benefits



Working together with Plume Cloud management, Adapt technology provides superior coverage, speed and reliability throughout your home. It continually ‘adapts’ to home usage, topography and surrounding activity to deliver home performance beyond the capacities of standard systems.



Adapt eliminates “sticky WiFi” connections and extends the maximum range of your devices. Your devices connect to a WiFi network and “sticks” to it, even if the connection is slow or non-functional and there are alternatives it could use. This affects the overall home network quality. Adapt has steering algorithms that find the fastest connections and adjust throughout the day to optimize WiFi quality.



Improve your home network experience through Plume’s centrally controlled network. Adapt’s cloud base removes network inconsistencies, instability and unpredictable behaviour. Adapt helps you enjoy the best home network experience.



Everyday, Adapt is able to predict your home’s WiFi needs. This is done based on your past user behaviour and monitors any surrounding network interference. Predictive technology enables your WiFi network to maximize efficiency. 



Adapt’s cloud algorithms direct each home network independently. This allows for a responsive network that is specific to your home. Each connection is customized to support cloud-learned usage based on your unique home network patterns.

plume homepass adapt wifi

Key Features


Consistent Topology Optimization 

The cloud adapts to your home and usage, continuously refining home network performance. By optimizing the signal transmittance, adapt provides you with greater coverage and speed than standard network systems.


Airtime Control

The Plume Cloud fosters the improvement of Multiple Dwelling Unit WiFi in residential areas. This is done by measuring and coordinating the channel and bandwidth selection inside single homes and across apartment clusters. In other words, adaptive WiFi technology is a comprehensive approach to improving  home networks across individual houses, apartment complexes and condominiums.


Intelligent Band & Client Steering 

For seamless transitions while moving about the home, Plume Cloud provides uninterrupted client steering and roaming. These intelligent band steering algorithms find the optimal connections for all your devices.


Actionable Customer & CSP Insights

Communication service providers (CSPs) can see your network forecast from Plumes cloud-fed operations centre. This allows Plume HomePass to act even before you need assistance. With adapt, you can get access to detailed performance indicators and an in-app troubleshooting to help with service inquiries. 


Through these key benefits and features, Plume’s Adapt service creates holistic connectivity for all your devices, rooms and complex environments in your home. Witness first hand the power of Plume HomePass Adapt, the first and only self-optimizing whole-home technology. 


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Plume HomePass has been designed to make your life easier. At C3, we pride our service on our partnership with Plume. If you have any questions regarding Plume, reach out to our customer service team by emailing or calling 333-3333.

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