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100% Locally Owned. 100% Pure Fibre.

About C3

As a 100% locally-owned business, C3 Pure Fibre is the market leader in fibre optic telecommunications and is 100% committed to providing Caymanians with a fast, responsive service by well-trained professionals.

C3 Pure Fibre serves both residential and business customers with a wide selection of fibre optic-based services including high-speed WiFi internet, TV, home phone and IP services through its extensive network.

Fibre optics is the next generation of telecommunications, with wide benefits over traditional copper systems. It’s more reliable and powerful, offers a smoother, continuous service, and is better for the environment, and safer than electrical systems.

C3 Pure Fibre is the Cayman Islands’ most innovative telecom provider, providing unparalleled speed, reliability, affordability and security, making us the sensible choice for your WiFi internet, TV and home phone.

C3 Business Team

C3 Careers

We're always looking for dedicated professionals. Send your resume to careers@c3.ky

C3 Board Members

  • James Bergstrom

  • James Bovell

  • Marcus Cumber

  • Randy Merren

  • Wayne Panton

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