Getting to know Plume HomePass: Control

Hopefully by now you’re familiar with the Plume devices which we provide to all C3 WiFi Internet customers? But are you familiar with HomePass?

HomePass is a new smart home standard. It is membership based and controlled via an app you download on your phone. This means, you have full control.

There are four features of HomePass: Sense, Adapt, Control and Guard. Let’s delve into the Control feature and how it can benefit you in your home.

Control devices

You’re in charge with HomePass! Manage all the connected devices in your home by creating user profiles for each family member and assign their devices directly to them. A bird’s eye view lets you see what devices are being used and when.

Internet timeout

Is your family spending too much time online? With Plume HomePass you can set up a 15 or 30 minute internet freeze or restrict an individual or specific device via the timeout feature. To learn how to set up a global or custom internet timeout using Plume, check out this article.

Content access

As a parent, the amount of inappropriate content online that your children can access is concerning. Thanks to HomePass you can restrict content for an individual device or person, if you have set up groups of people with multiple devices attached to them. Here is a list of the most common content filtering categories that you can enable:

  1. No limits: You can access all types of content
  1. Kids appropriate: Content that is tagged as NOT appropriate for children will be filtered and inaccessible
  1. Teenager friendly: Content that is tagged as NOT appropriate for teens will be filtered and inaccessible
  1. No adult content: All content tagged as adult content will not be accessible

Create guest WiFi passwords

People come and go from your home and so should their WiFi access. With the Control feature, you can set up guest WiFi passwords that expire after a certain time period. You can also control what devices they have access to, from the smart TV to the printer to WiFi only, you make that decision.

Plume HomePass has been designed to make your life easier. At C3, we pride our service on our partnership with Plume. If you have any questions regarding Plume, reach out to our customer service team by emailing or calling 333-3333.

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