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The Cayman Islands film industry is set to take a major leap forward with the introduction of Matrx, powered by the C3 Pure Fibre network which officially launched January 31st, 2023. 

Matrx is a private cloud built exclusively for film and television producers. As a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the film industry, Matrx allows for large amounts of digital video data to be transferred over global Internet backbones to eliminate the need for shipping fragile hard drives. 

“Using Matrx, filmmakers have access to their uncompressed footage from anywhere in the world on a daily basis without ever shipping a hard drive. This means they can collaborate with distant team members, make critical adjustments while shooting, and share the final product with ease,” says Brad Neweduk, CEO at Matrx.

C3 Pure Fiber’s fiber-optic network will provide the speed and reliability needed to transmit large amounts of data quickly and seamlessly. This will ensure that footage and edits are delivered on time and with the highest quality.

The partnership will allow for the continued success of the Cayman Islands in the global film production industry. 

In 2022, PwC reported that movie production companies contributed $11.4 million to the local economy. In addition to employing over 160 crew members, film and television production provided employment to 80 Cayman residents. 

“As a locally owned business, C3 is proud to support the ongoing success of the Cayman film industry”, says Randy Merren, managing director of C3 Pure Fibre.

“We hope that the partnership will help bolster the local economy in the form of production as well as tourism. This partnership will position Cayman as a thriving film location and create an efficient process and positive experience for the producers.”



As a 100% locally-owned business, C3 Pure Fibre is the market leader in fibre optic telecommunications and is 100% committed to providing Caymanians with a fast, responsive service by well-trained professionals. C3 Pure Fibre serves both residential and business customers with a wide selection of fibre optic-based services including high-speed WiFi internet, TV, home phone and IP services through its extensive network. Fibre optics is the next generation of telecommunications, with wide benefits over traditional copper systems. It’s more reliable and powerful, offers a smoother, continuous service, and is better for the environment, and safer than electrical systems. 

In 2022, C3 Pure Fibre was  named the  winner of the Ookla® Speedtest Award™ for the fastest fixed network in the Cayman Islands. This announcement came with great recognition of superior network performance. The conducted speed test score resulted in C3 Pure Fibre achieving a Speed Score of 70.71, more than 40% better than the second scoring internet provider in Cayman. They had top download speeds of 247.91 Mbps and top upload speeds of 196.96 Mbps.


Matrx is a private cloud designed specifically for film and television producers who need to move, store, and process vast quantities of digital video. Modern productions employing the most advanced Ultra HD cameras can acquire 1-2 terabytes of data per day, and sometimes even more. Matrx specialises in transferring data over global Internet backbones to avoid shipping fragile hard drives. This dramatically accelerates the production process, resulting in significant cost savings without compromising the original image’s quality.



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