C3 Pure Fibre & IG Networks collaborate to deliver cutting-edge network infrastructure for Camana Bay client

Cayman Islands Camana Bay Network MPLS

C3 Pure Fibre & IG Networks collaborate to deliver cutting-edge network infrastructure for Camana Bay client


C3 Pure Fibre, a leading provider of high-speed fiber-optic connectivity in the Cayman Islands, is pleased to announce its partnership with IG Networks in commissioning an advanced MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network infrastructure for an esteemed client in Camana Bay, Grand Cayman. 

Camana Bay, a hub for innovation and dynamic enterprise, demands the best in networking technology to support its dynamic businesses, residents, and visitors. While the identity of the client remains confidential, they have selected C3 Pure Fibre and IG Networks to provide a reliable and high-performance MPLS network infrastructure aligned with their specific requirements.

“This project seeks to leverage C3 Pure Fibre’s expertise in fiber-optic technology and IG Networks’ proficiency in designing and implementing MPLS networks to ensure seamless, secure, and scalable connectivity for the client,” says Ms. Jasmine Freyn, Business Sales Associate at C3 Pure Fibre.

C3 Pure Fibre’s advanced fiber-optic technology is renowned for its unmatched speed and reliability, making it an ideal choice for businesses and residents seeking robust, high-performance internet connectivity. 

“The commissioning of this project in Camana Bay will not only provide the client with a world-class MPLS network but also contribute to the advancement of digital connectivity within the community,” adds Ms. Freyn. 

The collaboration between C3 Pure Fibre and IG Networks underscores their commitment to delivering advanced technology solutions in the Cayman Islands. It exemplifies their dedication to elevating the region’s digital infrastructure, meeting the evolving needs of both businesses and individuals.



As a 100% locally-owned business, C3 Pure Fibre is the market leader in fibre optic telecommunications and is 100% committed to providing Caymanians with a fast, responsive service by well-trained professionals. C3 Pure Fibre serves both residential and business customers with a wide selection of fibre optic-based services including high-speed WiFi internet, TV, home phone and IP services through its extensive network. Fibre optics is the next generation of telecommunications, with wide benefits over traditional copper systems. It’s more reliable and powerful, offers a smoother, continuous service, and is better for the environment, and safer than electrical systems.

In 2022, C3 Pure Fibre was  named the  winner of the Ookla® Speedtest Award™ for the fastest fixed network in the Cayman Islands. This announcement came with great recognition of superior network performance. The conducted speed test score resulted in C3 Pure Fibre achieving a Speed Score of 70.71, more than 40% better than the second scoring internet provider in Cayman. They had top download speeds of 247.91 Mbps and top upload speeds of 196.96 Mbps.


IG Networks provides comprehensive telecommunications services for every kind of customer. Their experience and agility allow IG Networks to offer efficient solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Their extensive network stretches through 121 countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and allows them to operate with the same quality and agility in challenging areas and mature markets.

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