9 benefits of online grocery shopping

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A closer look at the online shopping experience


Shopping for your groceries online is easy with C3 Pure Fibre, providing  you with the fastest fixed internet connection on island. Online grocery shopping has seen remarkable growth in popularity even before the onset of the pandemic. In 2018, the global online grocery industry was valued at over USD $29 billion. Of course, the emergence of COVID-19 has seen the e-grocery market skyrocket. As of 2021, the market grew to almost ten times that at USD $285.70 billion. The huge amount of smartphone users worldwide and the advantages offered by online grocery shopping shows that this service will only continue to grow. 


Let’s take a closer look at C3 Pure Fibre’s favourite benefits provided by the online grocery shopping experience.


Shop from home or on the go 


Our lives are busy and it may be hard to find time to go to the grocery store. Online shopping offers the flexibility to purchase groceries anytime, anywhere. With apps that are (hopefully) easy to navigate, you don’t need to worry about open hours or items that are out of stock. Home delivery allows you to get your groceries in a specified time window that works for you. 


No parking, no browsing, no lines


Shopping online can save you more time than you may realize. Time adds up quickly between driving to the grocery store, circling the parking lot to find a spot, locating your items in the aisles and waiting in line for the cashier. Rather, online grocery shopping allows you to spend this time doing things you love.


Avoid forgetting items 


One way to avoid that second trip to the store is by having all the inventory available to view on your device. At the same time you can see all the items you have in your kitchen. With online grocery shopping, you’ll know the exact quantities of what you need without the risk of forgetting anything. Easily add items to your cart that may have slipped your mind before purchase.


Reduce impulse shopping


Have you ever gone grocery shopping hungry and purchased foods you didn’t need? Perhaps you bought an item just because it looked appealing in the store. Grocery stores are designed to capitalize on impulse buying whereas online shopping allows you to prioritize your grocery needs first. Reduce compulsive shopping by buying your groceries online. It’s a great way to minimize duplicate purchases, as well!


Enables cost comparison 


Comparing costs at the grocery store is a tedious task, especially if items are in different aisles. You can easily browse similar products and compare prices while online. Save yourself time and find the best items to fit your budget for your grocery items. 


Pressure-free environment 


An often overlooked benefit of shopping online is that it provides a pressure free environment to select your groceries. Lines in the store aisles can build quickly forcing you to make rash decisions while people watch you place items in your cart. Take as much time as you need when grocery shopping on your device at the time that works best for you.


Environmentally friendly 


Did you know that people drive an average of 4 miles to shop at their preferred store. This may be less in Cayman but the fact still remains that the average household hops in the car to get their groceries, sometimes more than once a week. Shopping for your groceries online minimizes your time on the road. Additionally, grocery store deliveries are often done in bulk orders further reducing harmful emissions from vehicles. Stay at home and shop online.


Keep track of your cart 


Shopping carts can grow quickly making it hard to see every item that’s in your cart. Easily remove items from your cart and reduce Scroll through the items in your cart on your screen easily with online shopping. Take control of your spending and stay on budget.


Search the best deals


No more need to tirelessly browse deals in the aisles. See deals directly on your preferred online shopping app. Continue to receive benefits by applying your store loyalty card digitally when you buy your groceries online. Local grocery stores like Hurley’s offer deals and double points on certain items, as well.


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As you have probably noticed, a common theme here is saving time and money. As busy parents and professionals, both are incredibly valuable to us. Our local grocers like Hurley’s realize this and have brought this to the forefront of their marketing efforts. Consider online grocery shopping the next time you need to stock the fridge or pantry and spend the time and money saved doing the things you love most. 


The online grocery shopping experience is best enjoyed with a fast, reliable internet connection. C3 Pure Fibre provides you with the fastest internet connection on island. 


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