6 things that require high-speed internet

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These everyday things now require lightning speed connection!


Technology advances at an accelerated rate. There is so much change year over year that a decade feels more like a century. Our internet requirements mirror these advancements, too. The pandemic has only further compounded the need for high speed internet to communicate with colleagues, family and friends. 


You can do a quick scan and count several devices or appliances that require an internet connection in your home. The more connected devices you have, the more important it is to have a fibre optic Internet connection. This will better handle the constant upload and download of information and keep up with household demand.

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Modern homes are now built with smart technology that allows you to have remote control access to your household devices. Smart homes are a great way to help keep you and your belongings safe. Research also shows that smart home features save you time, money and energy. 

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Now, we require internet connection for many everyday activities. Here are six things that need high speed internet. 


  1. Phone/Video Calls 


First, the number of video calls we make daily has increased greatly. Virtual hangouts with friends, chats with loved ones and meetings with colleagues create a massive upload strain on your connection. 

A pure fibre connection offers upload and download speeds to ensure clear audio and video. Feel closer to your loved ones and prevent call drops and buffering.

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  1. Work and School Online


Second, the virtual office and classroom is the new reality for many of us. Although some have returned to work or school, a hybrid model is the way of the future. 

Therefore, a true fibre connection ensures you can deliver on work tasks from home while other members finish their online work in the next room.

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  1. TV


Third, the most popular movies and TV shows are now streamed on platforms, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, that require an internet connection . Often households have more than one member streaming a movie or show at the same time. In order to get the most out of your streaming experience, you will need higher internet speeds. 

Furthermore, research shows that ownership of smart TV’s with these platforms included is only expected to rise. This will be a big incentive for the production companies of your favorite movies and TV shows to release on these streaming platforms. 

The demand for 4K TVs is also increasing as it delivers the highest quality picture for the best entertainment experience. The resolution for a 4K TV uses five times more data than HD video and requires at least 25 Mbps of bandwidth.


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  1. Home Security Systems


Fourth. home security systems no longer run off of a phone line. Now, they are most commonly connected to your internet. Today’s packages include smart doorbells, virtually controlled locks, motion sensors, flood detection, cameras and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. 

These are all connected to Wi-Fi and controlled through a simple app. Ensuring you have the fastest fibre internet connection to handle all these devices is vital.


  1. Thermostats 


Fifth, smart-home devices make our lives more convenient. Adjusting the temperature with the convenience of your smartphone is a favorite amongst smart-home enthusiasts and a great way to save energy. For your home to be truly connected, your products need the foundation of a fibre optic Internet network.


  1. Music 


Finally, music has now widely adopted the use of streaming platforms. iPods, CDs, radio and vinyl (sadly) have taken a back seat to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. Luckily, almost anything, old and new, can be found on these platforms. 

They allow you to create your own playlists, “like” songs, and create playlists. They have sophisticated algorithms that cater playlists to your tastes based on your liked songs and listening history. 

Listen to all your favorite tunes, radio shows and podcasts at the click of a button with an fibre optic internet connection. 


In conclusion, the activities of our everyday life require high internet speeds and a secure network. C3 will assist you in determining the ideal fibre optic internet connection for your needs. 

Learn more about Pure Fibre Internet and chat to a C3 Customer Service Representative about switching or upgrading, just email info@c3.ky or call 333-3333. 

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