The benefits of TV’s in businesses 

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Is TV right for my business?


Having a TV in your business can have many benefits. For bars, restaurants, fitness centers, retail shops, and waiting areas of medical clinics, TVs can keep patrons energized, entertained, and in your business for longer periods. 

TV can be a valuable amenity regardless of the industry you’re in. If you own a business that caters to customers, crowds, or has people waiting, then your business should consider TV entertainment. 

You might be thinking, what type of businesses utilize TVs and what are the benefits? Let’s take a look.


Restaurants & Bars

Bars, particularly sports bars can utilize premium programming like live sports to keep their customers engaged and in their establishment longer. Consider running social media promotions in the lead-up to world-class sporting events to encourage new customers to visit your venue. This will drive foot traffic into your venue and increase food and beverage sales. 


Take advantage of news channels in your cafe so that your regular customers can enjoy catching up on the news over their cup of joe. This will have your customers coming back on their daily routine. 

Retail Shops

Do you run an urban retail store? Or a high-end fashion store? Use TV entertainment that targets your demographic, maybe music stations or fashion channels. This is a great tactic to keep customers in your store longer and more entertained.


Everyone loves to unwind after a day of fun in the sun, so of course, TVs in hotels are an obvious recommendation. In-room TVs provide a way for people to feel at home with a variety of programming options that suit any demographic. 

Exercise/Fitness Centers

It’s not always easy to stay motivated on the treadmill, for some people the ability to watch TV while working out is what keeps them motivated. It’s also a great way for people to multitask, catching up on news and current affairs. Having a TV in your gym or fitness center will encourage repeat customers and memberships.


No one likes an awkward silence while having their hair or nails done, why not keep customers entertained with news, current affairs or the latest reality TV series. Keep your customers occupied while they enjoy being pampered. 

Medical Offices

Some people feel nervous or uncomfortable when visiting their doctors or dentist, having a TV creates a welcoming environment, keeps them engaged, reduces anxiety and occupies their time. Just remember that the programming should be relaxing and family-friendly


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