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C3 Pure Fibre, Cayman’s only locally owned fibre optic telecommunications provider announces the company has established access to both landing stations in Grand Cayman, Maya-1 in High Rock and CJFS in George Town. 

Having access to both landing stations, after five years of negotiation, is another step towards total market liberalization in the telecommunications industry in the Cayman Islands. 

C3 Pure Fibre now has full sight of its circuit end to end, from Grand Cayman to Cable Landing Station in Florida with protection of the circuit from the landing stations to the Nap of America and the Co-Lo House in Miami and Jacksonville.

“This access is the final piece allowing C3 to monitor our circuits at a much higher level and it means we are not dependent on our local competitor in the event there is an issue,” said Randy Merren, Managing Director of C3 Pure Fibre. “We can immediately determine where the problem is and start to troubleshoot the issue, so it is resolved as quickly as possible.”  

“We are the second licensee to get access to landing stations in Grand Cayman, improving customer connectivity and increasing access for new and existing customers. Small victories like this can only benefit the consumer, as the other providers now have an alternative to backhaul their circuit from the landing station and negotiate directly with other consortium members for capacity to the Cayman Islands, meaning consumers will pay less for internet,” Mr Merren said.  

C3 Pure Fibre has and will continue to be a disrupter in the telecommunications market as the company strives to provide a reliable internet service and much lower rates than the island has seen in the past. 

“This extension is part of our ongoing efforts to build a quality fibre network to residents and businesses that require fast, diverse networks of the future. If Cayman truly wants to remain in the forefront of the financial industry and attract a global citizen, they will require access to the internet superhighway that is on par with other first world countries,” he said. 

C3’s enhanced network diversity is particularly valuable for companies managing compliance regulations related to IT and operational risk management, disaster recovery and business continuity planning. 

“We’d like to thank our partners Columbus Network, Flow, Cogent, Equinix and Cologix for helping to make this happen,” he said.

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