6 things parents can do to keep their children safe online

The internet can be a wonderful place for children, from researching school projects online, to communicating with teachers and friends. However, it can also be a frightening concept to some parents with the risk of online bullies, predators and inappropriate content.

But let’s face it, the internet is here to stay and with the introduction of smartphones it is becoming more easily accessible. As a parent, don’t shy away from it, here are some simple tips to introduce cyber safety into your home and help you sleep better at night knowing your children are safe online.

  1. Communication is key

As soon as your child starts using the internet, talk to them about the sites and apps they are using and what they are reading, watching and who they are communicating with.

Discuss the dangers of interacting with strangers online and remind them that people online are not always who they think they are. Don’t also forget to talk about sharing personal information or photos and how they represent themselves online, they should always remember the internet is not private.

Finally, don’t stop with one conversation, the internet is moving and changing at a very fast pace, keep the conversation open and ongoing so you can continue to educate your child about the dangers.

  1. Keep screen and devices where you can see them

Monitor your child’s time online and set some boundaries as to where they can use their devices. Set some rules about only using devices in your living area so it is easier to keep an eye on what your child is doing and viewing online.

  1. Set parental controls

Parental controls can help prevent your child from viewing explicit material online. Thanks to Plume HomePass, a product only available with C3 Pure Fibre, you have the ability to freeze or pause internet access for people or devices instantly through the Time Out feature. You can also set a scheduled internet break with the Device Freeze feature. Thanks to Plume, it’s now easier than ever to set permissions for your children and customized schedules.

Chat to the team at C3 to learn more about Plume HomePass, email info@c3.ky or call 333-3333.

  1. Meet your children’s online friends

As a parent, remember children can be very naive when it comes to chatting with people online. We know people aren’t always who they say they are but children may not know what signs to look out for.

Ask your child to show you the profiles of who they are chatting to online and do your own private research on them and monitor their posts. Your child might resist at first but if you are having open communication about safety and explaining the conditions for allowing them online, they will be more understanding.

  1. Teach your children the importance of privacy

Social networking sites were designed to share information about ourselves but children must be aware of the risk of personal information or images being made public. While they may not fully comprehend the consequences of revealing personal information online, you should teach them to be cautious and thoughtful about what they post and share. Ask them, would you be comfortable sharing this information with a stranger? If the answer is no, don’t post it.

Don’t also forget to educate them about password safety and that they exist to protect against things like identity theft. They should never share them with anyone, even a boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend.

  1. Educate yourself on social networking sites

What social networking sites are your children using? Whatever it may be, sign up yourself and get to know the security and privacy offerings for each network. Talk about how they can stay safe on social networks, including talking to a trusted person and being aware of what constitutes online bullying, both as a perpetrator and a victim. Teach them about the importance of reporting inappropriate online behaviour and how to block someone if they feel they are being bullied.

At C3, we understand the difficulties parents face when allowing their children online and that is why we provide our customers with services that help keep their children safe. Talk to us about getting Plume HomePass set up in your home today and start to relax knowing your children are safe online. Email info@c3.ky or call 333-3333.

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