4 benefits of a cloud based phone system for business

Cloud based phones and how they work for your business


Are you tired of relying on hardware updates and telephone lines? Do you want seamless connectivity with better sound quality? How about integrating all your employees including those in remote locations with affordable packages? 

Sounds pretty good to us, too! C3 Pure Fibre Business Network provides a world class, Cloud based phone service that is affordable and reliable. Cloud based phone systems use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology which allows you to make phone calls through your internet connection instead of a regular landline or a mobile network. All you need is a high-speed internet connection.

From small businesses on the go to bigger companies that serve a large volume of clients, businesses everywhere are enjoying the many benefits that only a cloud based phone system can deliver. 


Lower Costs


Streamline your communications expenses with cloud based phone systems. They are a much cheaper option than traditional on-premise telephone systems because you only rely on your internet connection. 

When you switch to a cloud based phone system you avoid costs such as: 

  • Investment of an on-premise private branch exchange (PBX)
  • Recurring maintenance costs 
  • Add-on features that often combine to be very expensive

A modern VoIP solution can lower your phone bill by up to 60%. Lower prices are possible because of free local numbers, toll-free numbers, and inexpensive international calls. A traditional landline just cannot give you the same value.


Faster Implementation & Setup


Don’t let your phone system impede the growth of your business. When scaling your business, traditional phone systems can be time consuming and expensive. Each new employee requires their own phone number, which means you need to add new lines and ports which can take weeks. Those weeks are productivity lost that you can’t get back. 

A cloud based phone system allows you to expand your business at any time. It will keep your communications running when your business grows exponentially. Once a virtual phone system is set up, your employees will significantly increase their collaboration and productivity throughout the day.

Check out this interesting article to learn more about how a cloud based phone system can help your business scale. 


Better Performance & Reliability 


A cloud based phone system will help keep your business moving even when disaster strikes. Some factors can impact your business that are outside of your control like hurricanes, cyber attacks, and human error. 

Be prepared for these risks to protect information and avoid disappointed customers. An on-premise PBX relies on a single location to be operative. That’s more risk than most companies can afford. 

Fortunately, cloud based phone systems are reliant on data centers and use redundancy. In other words, if one data center goes down, another will pick it up and your day to day operations will continue, uninterrupted. 

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Improved Customer Service


Offering products or services at the lowest price is indeed a great advantage. However, it often isn’t enough to get a leg up on the competition in the market today. Customers expect excellent customer service when interacting with your team. 

Customer service is incredibly important for growing your business and receiving positive feedback that will result in high SEO performance. 

Recent customer service statistics shows that:

  • 90% of customers are influenced by positive reviews when buying a product
  • 24% continue to seek out vendors two or more years after a good experience 
  • 52% of customers say they have made an additional purchase from a company after a positive customer service experience.

These statistics confirm that providing excellent customer experiences leads to business growth and retention. Curb customer service shortcomings by investing in a cloud based phone system

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In sum, a virtual PBX provides mobility options for remote work, high uptime, and efficient call routing. Cloud based phone systems offer all the benefits of a regular PBX system without the expensive setup and bulky hardware. 

An effective cloud based phone system starts with a fast and reliable internet network. Chat with a C3 Customer Service Representative today. Email info@c3.ky or call 333-3333. 

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